Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Trailer: more to come

It has been a yucky, blah, do nothing and feel bad about it day.  I saw Fruitvale Station  last night.  It was an excellent movie.   It left me feeling depressed at the entrenched state of racism in our society.  How ironic that the movie is released as the nation is still reeling from the Zimmerman trial.  Two young black men did not need to die, and we are not talking about 1965.

And on top of that, the kids are gone ( yeah, I know, but I miss'em).  And the cat is missing (well, he showed up and hour ago, like nothing was wrong).  So I decided to make a list of things that make me happy....to try and upturn my mood.

1.  Watching Anna swim:  she loves it and she is good at it.  There is nothing like the joy of seeing her drop time and get out of the pool all smiles.  This was my delight over and over again this past weekend.

2.  Hiking and biking with Chris:  I love him and I love to be active outdoors.  It is food for the soul.  We hiked this weekend in Eno River State Park (NC) and we are biking later this week in Ohiopyle State Park (PA).

3.  Big fresh tomatoes:  room temperature with a little salt and pepper.

4. Knitting:  anytime, anywhere.  I love new yarn!

5. Sitting on the beach all afternoon:  even better with a good book, a drink and a good friend.

6. Watching baseball:  preferably the Braves, but any game will do.

7. Walking in Jetton Park:  again, much better when with a friend

8. Wednesday morning Spin Class with Bear:  bring it on!

9. Flowers in my yard

10. Working on a puzzle

See.  It might not have been such a good day, but I am on a roll.  Happy, Happy, Happy!